Call for Papers



Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Information System, Engineering 

Coupling and Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources
Enterprise Resource Planning
Middleware Integration
Legacy Systems
Organisational Issues on Systems Integration
Distributed Database Applications
Object-Oriented Database Systems
Enterprise-Wide Client-Server Architecture
Database Security and Transaction Support
Data Warehouses
Multimedia Database Applications
Web Databases
Mobile Databases
Software Engineering
Software Measurement
Systems Engineering Methodologies
Information Engineering Methodologies
Semiotics in Computing
Requirements Analysis
Ontology Engineering
Modelling Formalisms, Languages, and Notations
CASE Tools for System Development
Modelling of Distributed Systems
Modelling Concepts and Information Integration Tools
Business Processes Re-engineering
Security, Freedom and Privacy
B2B and B2C Applications
Process Design and Organisational Issues in e-Commerce
E-Procurement and Web-based supply chain management
Market-spaces: market portals, hubs, auctions
E-Learning and e-Teaching
Intranet and Extranet Business Applications
Agents for Internet Computing
Web Information Agents
Case studies on Electronic Commerce
Public sector applications of e-Commerce
Interactive and Multimedia Web Applications
Internet and Collaborative Computing
Semantic Web Technologies
Wireless and Mobile Computing
Foundations of Service Science
Service System Modeling & Analysis
Service Design and Planning
Service Quality
Service Operation Management
IT Service Management
Service Marketing
Service Engineering
Service Delivery
Service Computing
Service Science Education, etc.
Multiple Sequence Alignment
Sequence Analysis
Motif Finding
Deep Sequencing Data Processing
Biomedical Data Mining, etc.
Adaptation and Learning
Agents and Multi-agent Systems
Business Intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Coordinative Intelligence
Cognitive Informatics
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Evolutionary Algorithms and System
Fuzzy Logic and other forms of Logic
Hybrid Artificial and Natural Intelligence
Information Retrieval and Extraction
Soft-Computing and Rough Set, etc.

Data Mining 

Scalable data preprocessing
Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
Mining on data streams
Graph and subgraph mining
Methodologies on large-scale data mining
Text, video, multimedia data mining
Web mining
High performance data mining algorithms
Data mining visualization
Security and privacy issues
Competitive analysis of mining algorithms
Data mining systems in finance and e-commerce 

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